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2 Basic Poker Rules to Get You Started

How many times you have felt small and minnow like when you witness the cool poker games that are shown in the glitzy glamorous casinos in movies and television shows? Well, it is quite normal to feel that way, considering the fact that poker happens to be one of the most popular and interesting forms of card games known. No, no one is asking you to get into gambling and betting in a full-fledged manner. But, learning poker and occasional harmless indulgence in the same can be quite an exhilarating affair. Here are 2 basic rules of poker to get you started:

1. The Card Setup

Poker, is played with the usual set of cards that is prevalent that is the one that contains 4 suits of cards with each suit having 13 cards to them. You must know about the different suits and the various cards that are a part of that suit.

While there are many prevalent forms of poker games, one of the most common poker game format is the Texas Hold’em poker which has gained a cult status within the poker playing world. This game is played with 5 community cards, that is 5 cards that is common for every player, and 2 cards in every player’s hand which are exclusive to them. With these cards distributed, you will need to make one of the many series (which is pre-defined in the poker game) and bet your money accordingly on the probability that you have the best series in your hand.

2. The Blinds

The concept of ‘blinds’ exists in poker which makes it compulsory for two players out of everyone at the table to pay a small blind and a big blind during the starting of the poker round. This payment of the blinds needs to be done irrespective of the fact whether or not you think you have good enough cards to bet on that round’s proceedings. The big blind is twice the amount of the small blind.

The choice of players who need to pay the two respective forms of blinds continues in a serial manner after starting from the person on the left hand side of the dealer. The blind amount is usually decided before the game of poker commences and it goes on increasing as the game reaches its climax.

These 2 basic rules of poker are more than enough to get you started. The rest you will learn with hands on experience!

B. Lyttle is a gaming addict. She strongly recommends that you check out the site to catch up with the latest buzz of the gaming industry, if you’re a gaming aficionado like her.

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