Jackpot Total: $2,708,728.65
Name Buy In Players
$2300- Seat Sub-Qualifier 0.25 41
$250,000- Semi-Qualifier 0.15 11
$1300- FFinibus Bonorum 0.66 08
$300- H. Rackham Malorum 1.22 01
$2300- charms of pleasure 0.80 22
Know more about Roulette Systems and Roulette Progression

There are a number of systems that are designed to help you win over a Roulette wheel. These systems are being used by players that wish to overcome the odds of the house and win a game of Roulette. Categorization of these systems is done in the form of systems that don’t use progressions or as progression systems. There are a number of pros and cons attached to each of them, and these systems have many differences between them.

systems are of several different types, but they are usually classified under positive and negative progression. Negative Roulette progression systems are actually extended bets following losses. Following each loss, a few of these look for consistent increases after every bet. The concept behind this is that the player might win at a later date, and if he does, he’ll be considered to be an ultimate winner regardless of his previous losses. The cons of the negative progression system are that the earners can achieve way too high and hit too much against the bankroll of the player.

Pyramiding is just another name for the main type of progression which is referred to as negative progression. A player that has already won a specified amount may consider playing more to earn more under this playing system. In order to maintain momentum, the roulette player should continue to win at a position when winning becomes tougher and improbable at a chance game. The system reaches a sudden end once you fail to win.
Roulette tables are mostly restricted in various casinos. The amount that a wager earns has been capped to segregate the progression systems. Every player can play a few specified rounds back to back. Every Roulette player has to remember the restrictions and get used to the in order to take the odds in his stride.

By playing in a system without progression you may choose to get over a handful of the table limits. By following these steps you may actually play in a number of ways, but these ways won’t demand bigger bets or a series of bets to be involved. A few systems depend on their observation of the ball and keeping a tag of the numbers it touches upon. There are these other systems that follow other methods while predicting the course of the ball; they would show you through a different way of controlling the odds.

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