Jackpot Total: $2,708,728.65
Name Buy In Players
$2300- Seat Sub-Qualifier 0.25 41
$250,000- Semi-Qualifier 0.15 11
$1300- FFinibus Bonorum 0.66 08
$300- H. Rackham Malorum 1.22 01
$2300- charms of pleasure 0.80 22
Baccarat - what is this game and what is its history?
Baccarat - what is this game and what is its history?

Baccarat - a favorite card game residents europium. In French and Italian baccarat means "zero." Like other card games, from baccarat there are several theories about the origin. We will talk about one of the most famous versions. It says that the card game "baccarat" invented by the Italian Falguere Felix, who took the core of the game nine Etruscan ritual of worshiping the gods.

Earlier in the card game "baccarat" casino played only aristocrats, senior representatives of the society. Now this game is as popular as roulette. An incomparable benefit of this card game - easy to understand terms (unlike poker). Nowadays, this card game is very popular in all casinos USA (especially in Las Vegas) and the world. In the online Baccarat casino won the same popularity as poker and roulette. It is also very convenient that online baccarat game is not very different from playing baccarat at the casino.

Baccarat card game similar to Russian "Point." Before the game, you will need to choose your role - "The Gambler" or "banker." In addition to the game, you can put your money on someone else: either the player or the banker, and in opposition to the player and the banker wins is usually the one who first scores of 9 or 8 points. If 9 or 8 points are not scored, none of the players in baccarat, the player who scored the most points.

In baccarat you can not get more than 9 or 8 points, because all the points derived from the values ​​of the cards, each card has cvoe chiclovoe value. At the beginning baccarat players are dealt only two cards, and only if the players have the same maximum number of points, they are given the third - the last card. After the deal the third card counted the total amount of points, and are called winners.

Baccarat - a game of luck. In this game, do not have to count points, watch and remember what cards have won, you just carefully examine the rules of the game ... and play.

We want to give this advice: before you play baccarat in a casino, download from the internet free baccarat games and play them until you feel profeccionalom in this card game.

Just as in any gambling game, baccarat is necessary to monitor their finances. Playing baccarat, it is useful to see trends in profits and losses. Unlike tape, the trends will help you increase your chances of winning. Playing baccarat, it is better to take an amount 30 times greater than the minimum Stake in igopnym Tables. This rule applies if you play in casinos, not online.

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